Thursday, June 15, 2023


 A nice Gap up this morning and close well at 15.73 plus high volume this is rather bullish!

It has managed to clear the resistance at 15.61 looks like it may rise up to test 16 then 16.50!

Please dyodd.

 Wah, first green bar spotted after the series of selling down seems rather interesting!

If it can continue to rise up to test 15.61 then 16 and 16.50 and would be rather positive if it can reclaim 17.00.

Yield is about 4.98% at 15.07 looks quite a decent yield level. 

Pls dyodd.


Venture Corporation Limited was formed in 1989 as an electronic services provider after the merger of three companies. With over three decades of consistent growth and 12,000-strong today, the Group is a leading provider of technology services, products and solutions, with established capabilities spanning innovation, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability and supply chain management in diverse technology domains.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Group comprises more than 30 companies worldwide with Centres of Excellence in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, America and Europe.

The Group is well-known for its deep know-how and expertise in various technology domains. These include life science, genomics, molecular diagnostics, medical devices and equipment, healthcare, luxury lifestyle and wellness technology, test and measurement technology instrumentation, networking and communications, advanced industrial as well as computing, printing and imaging technology.

Yearly dividend of 0.75. Yield is 5% at the current price of 14.97.

It is hovering near the support at 14.96, looks rather interesting!

US tech seem ti have turned into bullish mode! Hopefully,  local tech counter may likely follow!

Chart wise,  the price has been driven to an oversold territory!

A technical rebound is going to happen any moment!

If it can rise up to reclaim 16.50 and cover the Gap at 17.00 than we may see a nice reversal price patterns!

Pls dyodd.

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