Tuesday, November 28, 2023

NetLink NBN Tr - NO-brainer strategy to consider this dividend stocks counter yielding more than 6%! New Pricing completed with IMDA , WACC 7% is almost the same as per current pricing agreement! New pricing starts in April 2024!

Netlink has been allowed a regulatory return of 7% (same as last-term) from April 2024 for a 5-year period.  

Residential pricing has been lowered by just 2% to 13.50 per connection while non-residential is unchanged at S$55 per connection which is quite gd.

For Non-building access points (NBAP) segment, which contributes less than 5% of the total revenue, connection price has been lowered by 4.5% to S$70.50% per connection.

 This is the main obstacles that is causing the share price to drop. Now this uncertainty has been removed is about time for her to rise back above 90 cents.

Yearly dividend of 5.3 cents. Yield is 6.49% at 83 cents. 

Pls dyodd. 

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