Thursday, December 21, 2023

CapitaLandInvest (9CI.SI) - I think boat is back! The current price is yielding 4.04 or 5.05 estimating Final dividend of 12 cents to 15 cents! Do take note!

At 2.97 yield is about 4.04%( Final dividend of 12 cents) Or 5.05 is Final dividend is 15 cents.

NAV 2.84.

I think good opportunity is back! 

Nibbled a bit at 2.95. Collect dividend while waiting for price to recover.

Pls dyodd.

 CapitaLand Investment  - Results is out, not bad! Total Revenue is down 1% to 1345m, Operating PATMI is dien 1% to 344m, recurring FM fee grow by 10% to 183m, awesome!

I think Results is not bad and Operating profit is quite stable!

I think yearly dividend of 12 cents is sustainable and may be see further increase if FM fee grow faster than expected! 

I have nibbled 


"CapitaLand Investment remains steadfast in being a trusted partner as we strengthen our position as a leading global real estate investment manager which delivers high quality returns."

After a successful demerger from the development business of CapitaLand Limited (“CapitaLand” or the “Parent Group”), CapitaLand Investment (CLI) was listed on SGX-ST on 20 September 2021. This transformative transaction created one of Asia’s leading listed real estate investment managers (REIM) and one of the largest REIMs in the world. Since day one, we have focused on putting our proven track record of investment management and fee income growth to work — unlocking more long-term value for our shareholders. 

CLI’s investment management leadership in Asia began about two decades ago, when we listed Singapore’s first real estate investment trust (REIT), CapitaLand Mall Trust. Today, our six listed funds across Singapore and Malaysia hold a Funds under Management (FUM) of approximately S$60 billion. 

And that’s only part of the real estate portfolio that we’ve built — over S$29 billion FUM are also managed through a comprehensive and expanding private funds platform comprising more than 30 private vehicles.

​Including assets held directly by CLI as well as assets managed through our global lodging platform, CLI oversees S$133 billion in Real Estate Assets Under Management (RE AUM).

In addition to Singapore, CLI’s core markets include China and India. But our boots on the ground extend far beyond that, to markets across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the USA. Our real estate and management expertise has helped us amass a diversified portfolio of recognisable brands, operating platforms, and asset classes which include retail, office, lodging, business parks, industrial, logistics and data centres.

CapitaLand Investment's (CLI) listed funds business comprises five REITs and business trusts listed on the Singapore Exchange and one on Bursa Malaysia, with a total market capitalisation of S$32.2 billion1. Our listed funds portfolio is focused on driving sustainable distributions and increasing value for our unitholders.

Over time, we have built a strong track record as a Sponsor, making sure our listed funds are always efficiently structured and well-positioned for continued growth.

CapitaLand Investment managed the listed reit companies like Ascendas REIT,  CapLand China Trust,  CapLand Ibdia Trust,  CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust and Ascott trust. 

  • CapitaLand Investment (CLI) owns and manages over 1,000 quality properties across the globe, providing a wide range of integrated real estate solutions for work, live and play. The current assets pipeline on CLI's balance sheet provides a diversified stable of high-quality assets with visible monetisation potential.   

    With a full stack of investment and operating capabilities, we present a unique value proposition for our partners, investors, tenants and customers.

Mapletree Ind Tr - Wow! A nice Long and bullish Green bar appearing on the chart 5 days ago plus high volume and closed well at 2.45 looks like Bull is back ! Likely to continue to trend higher!


Mapletree Ind Tr  - Wow! A nice Long and bullish Green bar appearing on the chart 5 days ago plus high volume and closed well at 2.45 looks like Bull is back ! Likely to continue to trend higher!

Short term wise,  she will rise up to reclaim 2.47.

A nice breakout smoothly may likely see her rising up towards 2.58 than 2.73.

Pls dyodd. 

Quote : 

Mapletree Industrial Trust has been kept at "buy" by UOB Kay Hian's Jonathan Koh, along with a revised target price of $2.76, slightly higher from $2.74 indicated earlier.


I think boat is back! 

At 2.19, yield is about 6.1% estimating yearly dividend of 13.4 cents.

NaV 1.86. Gearing is below 40%.

Chart wise, looks like she may go down to test the recent low of  2.17.

Next quarterly results will be out on 25th October,  dividend is coming!

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.


Mapletree Industrial Trust ("MIT") is a real estate investment trust listed on the Main Board of Singapore Exchange. Its principal investment strategy is to invest in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate used primarily for industrial purposes in Singapore and income-producing real estate used primarily as data centres worldwide beyond Singapore, as well as real estate-related assets. 

As at 31 March 2023, MIT's total assets under management was S$8.8 billion, which comprised 85 properties in Singapore and 56 properties in North America (including 13 data centres held through the joint venture with Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd). MIT's property portfolio includes Data Centres, Hi-Tech Buildings, Business Park Buildings, Flatted Factories, Stack-up/Ramp-up Buildings and Light Industrial Buildings.

MIT is managed by Mapletree Industrial Trust Management Ltd. and sponsored by Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd.

NAV is about 1.8653.

Yearly dividend of about 13.4 cents.

Yield is about 6% at 2.21.

Occupancy rate is 94.9%.

Gearing 37.4%.

The recent Private placement of 204.8m for the acquisition of data centre in Japan,Osaka. Looks like dpu is accretive! 

Looks like gd price is back!

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.

The price has fallen below the recent Private placement price of  2.21, looks like a good pivot point!

Yield is about 6.11% based on current price of 2.18.

Immediate support is at 2.17.

Please dyodd.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Paragon REIT - Wow! Nice uptrend mode! YIELDING more than 5.5% at 86.5 cents I think she is rising up towards 90 than 93 cents! Do take note!

 Wow! Nice uptrend mode!

She is rising up to test 90 cents than 93 cents with extension to 1.00.

Pls dyodd. 

Yesterday, closed slightly higher at 82.5 cents I think good progress and we may see further buying activities!

Paragon REIT  - I think reit are slowly gaining strength and likely to continue to trend higher due to interest rate has peaked and paused! Looking at the chart she is trading near the historical low and might be presenting a golden opportunity at the current price level and slowly moving back to 1.00 target price! 

Pls dyodd. 

Chart wise,  she has managed to bounce-off from 79 cents and touched the high of 85.5 cents and retracing down at 81.5-82 cents looks like a gd pivot point!

Yield is about 5.91% ay 81.5 cents.

NAV 90 cents. Gearing 30.1%. Pls dyodd. 

3rd quarter results is out! I think results is not bad! Gross Revenue is up 1.2% to 215.6m. Gearing is 30.1% and Occupancy rate is 98.1%.

No refinancing in 2.4 years time. 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd.

 She is due to report her 3rd quarter results on 31st October! 

Yield is about 6.05% , buay pai!

Pls dyodd.

Chart wise,  bearish mode!

I think she may go down to test 0.80.

Next support is at 0.79 and 0.725.

Pls dyodd.

 Wah, it has broken down 88 cents and closed lower at 83.5 cents, looks rather negative and may continue to trend lower! 

Today closing 1 big transactions sold down at 83.5 cents. 

I think likely to test 83 cents.

Next, 79- 80 cents is possible! 

Pls dyodd. 

 Chart wise,  bearish mode!

Today spotted big quantities selling own at 0.89 cents. Now trading at 0.885.

If 0.88 cannot hold,  then we may see her going down to test 0.83 than 0.79.

yearly dividend is about 4.84 cents.

Yield is about 5.46%.

NAV 0.90.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.

Corporate Profile

PARAGON REIT, formerly known as SPH REIT, is a Singapore-based real estate investment trust established principally to invest, directly or indirectly, in a portfolio of income-producing real estate which is used primarily for retail purposes in Asia-Pacific, as well as real estate-related assets.

PARAGON REIT was listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) on 24 July 2013 and is sponsored by Cuscaden Peak Investments Private Limited ("CPIPL" or the "Sponsor"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cuscaden Peak Pte. Ltd., a consortium made up of three shareholders - Hotel Properties Limited; Mapletree Investments Pte.Ltd., and CLA Real Estate Holdings Pte.Ltd.

As at 31 August 2021, PARAGON REIT’s portfolio comprises five quality and well-located commercial properties in Singapore and Australia. The three properties in Singapore total up to 962,955 sq ft Net Lettable Area (“NLA”) with an aggregate value of S$3.3 billion, whereas the two properties in Australia have an aggregate Gross Lettable Area (“GLA”) of 1,721,801 sq ft, and an aggregate value of A$840.5 million.


  • Paragon, a premier upscale retail mall and medical suite/office property, is located in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore’s most famous shopping and tourist precinct. Paragon consists of a 6-storey retail podium and one basement level with 494,442 sq ft of retail NLA (“Paragon Retail”), with a 14-storey tower and another 3-storey tower sitting on top of the retail podium with a total of 223,098 sq ft of medical suites/offices NLA (“Paragon Medical”). It is a 99-year leasehold interest that commenced on 24 July 2013.
  • The Clementi Mall, a mid-market suburban mall located in the centre of Clementi town, an established residential estate in the west of Singapore. The retail mall, which also houses a public library, is part of an integrated mixed-use development that includes Housing Development Board (“HDB”) residential blocks and a bus interchange. The property is also directly connected to the Clementi mass rapid transit (“MRT”) station. The Clementi Mall consists of a 5-storey retail podium and one basement level with approximately 195,782 sq ft of retail NLA. It is a 99-year leasehold interest that commenced on 31 August 2010.
  • The Rail Mall, a retail strip with a 360-metre prominent road frontage to Upper Bukit Timah Road, an affluent residential neighbourhood and an F&B-dining destination. It is easily accessible via a network of public bus and MRT services through the Downtown Line (“DTL”). Accessibility is further enhanced by its proximity to the island’s major expressways including Bukit Timah Expressway (“BKE”) and Pan Island Expressway (“PIE”). One of the key access points to the Rail Corridor, a popular nature trail, is adjacent to The Rail Mall. The Rail Mall comprises 43 single-storey shop units with a total NLA of 49,882 sq ft. It is a 99-year leasehold interest that commenced on 18 March 1947.


  • Westfield Marion, the largest and only super regional shopping centre in South Australia. It is strategically located in Adelaide, approximately 10 km south-west from Adelaide’s Central Business District (“CBD”). It is in a highly accessible location bound by three major thoroughfares and arterial roads in Diagonal Road, Sturt Road, and Morphett Road, extending its access to shoppers beyond its usual catchment. Westfield Marion is also located next to the Oaklands Train Station, connecting it with Adelaide’s CBD and the southern coastline via multiple train lines. The freehold property sits on a land parcel of approximately 2.5 million sq ft, with approximately 1,495,132 sq ft of Gross Lettable Area (“GLA”). PARAGON REIT has a 50.0% stake in ownership.
  • Figtree Grove, an established sub-regional shopping centre located in New South Wales. It is approximately 3 km south-west of Wollongong and approximately 85 km south-west of Sydney CBD. The property is situated at the north-eastern corner of the Princes Highway and The Avenue – major thoroughfares which carry traffic between Wollongong CBD and the wider Wollongong area. The property sits on a freehold land area of approximately 547,883 sq ft and has a total GLA of approximately 236,614 sq ft with 940 carpark lots. PARAGON REIT has an 85.0% stake in ownership.

Ocbc Bank - TA wise, bearish mode! Likely to go down to test 12.00. With Interest rate likely cut in Y2024 bank may see further selling down pressure! Is good to wait for clrarity! Cautious mode!

  Chart wise, bearish mode!

I think high probability she may go down to revisit 

12.00 again!

Pls dyodd.

Ocbc Bank  - She has broken down 12.54 looks rather Negative and likely to go down to test 12.20 than 12.00.

Pls dyodd. 

Cautious mode!

Let's see if she will breakdown 12.54 level!

Breaking down would be rather Negative. 

Wah, durian is dropping! Quickly take shelter!

She has broken down the support at 12.60 and closed 15 cents lower at 12.54 accompanied with super high volume this is rather Bearish!

I think ia good to wait for it to stabilize first before deciding the next action!

Short term wise,  likely to go down to test 12.20 than 12.00. 

Pls dyodd. 

Ocbc Bank - She is rather weak! Likely to breakdown 12.60 and go further down to test 12.20 and 12.00.

Ocbc Bank - 3rd quarter results is out! Net profit is up 21% to 1.81b. 

9 month Net Profitis up 32% to 5.4b(record Profit). 
Net interest income is up 17% to 2.46b.
Net interest margin is up 2.26%.
It looks like NIM is still able to achieve +1bp for 3rd quarter.  

I think results is good but market doesnt seem to like it as the price has turned lower , down 12 cents to 12.94! Cautious mode!

30th October 2023:

 Chart wise,  bearish mode!

If 12.68 cannot hold,  most probably we may see her drifting lower to test 12.40 than 12.19 and 12.00.

Not a call to buy or sell! 

Pls dyodd.

 Last Friday closed lower at 12.79 with a Gap Down looks rather negative! Likely to see further selling down pressure!

Short term wise,  I think likely to go down to test 12.60 than 12.41 . Next she may go further down to test 12.17 than 12.00.

Please dyodd.

TA wise, bearish mode!

I think likely to go down to test 12.17 than 12.00.

Please dyodd. 

Chart wise,  bearish mode!

I think likely to go down to revist 12.00 than 11.80.
Please dyodd.

 She is going Ex.dividend on 14th August,  I think market is giving chance to secure the profit!

She is trading near the peak resistance and it may experience the same selling down price patterns as reflected on the chart! 

As interest rate is more or less peak and bank Net Interest Margin likely fall plus bad debts allowance might increase therefore,  total Revenue and Net income may be lowered! 

US bank already seen Analyst lowering their TP. I think is good ro be cautious!

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.

So fast, asking for loan liao! 

4.5% seem not bad! 

Not a call to buy or sell.

Please dyodd. 

Wah, another Gap down upon results released looks like market already priced in the good sets of financial numbers and it doesn't boils well for this kind of price action!

Looks like the uptrend direction is halted and we may see further selling down pressure!

Please dyodd.

 All the 3 local banks attained good profit and all boosting their dividend payout. But going forward, profit may be lowered due to interest rate pause or bad debts  allowance.

Total Income of 6.8b.

RoE of 14.3%.

EPS 1.60 per share.

Interim dividend increase 43% from 0.28 to 0.40.

XD 14 August,  pay date 25 August. 

Yield of 6%. Is much higher than index reit.

TA wise, looks like the same price patterns may repeat itself! 

After hitting the resistance level it may likely see further weakness. 

I think is never wrong to lock in profit!

Don't let the profit slip away!

Please dyodd. 

TA wise,  bearish mode!

If she can't hold at 12.00 price level, 

the next support level Is 11.93 than 11.80.

Please dyodd.

 Chart wise,  bearish mode!

Likely to see further weakness!

Immediate support is at about 12.20.

Yearly dividend is about 0.65-0.68.

Yield is about 5.29% or 5.5% at 12.28 seems quite a gd yield!

Pls dyodd.

 OCBC Bank is the longest established Singapore bank, formed in 1932 from the merger of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912. It is now the second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia by assets and one of the world’s most highly-rated banks, with Aa1 by Moody’s and AA- by both Fitch and S&P. Recognised for its financial strength and stability, OCBC Bank is consistently ranked among the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance and has been named Best Managed Bank in Singapore by The Asian Banker.

OCBC Bank and its subsidiaries offer a broad array of commercial banking, specialist financial and wealth management services, ranging from consumer, corporate, investment, private and transaction banking to treasury, insurance, asset management and stockbroking services.

OCBC Bank’s key markets are Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Greater China. It has more than 420 branches and representative offices in 19 countries and regions. These include over 190 branches and offices in Indonesia under subsidiary Bank OCBC NISP, and over 60 branches and offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR under OCBC Wing Hang.

OCBC Bank’s private banking services are provided by its wholly-owned subsidiary Bank of Singapore, which operates on a unique open-architecture product platform to source for the best-in-class products to meet its clients’ goals.

OCBC Bank's insurance subsidiary, Great Eastern Holdings, is the oldest and most established life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia. Its asset management subsidiary, Lion Global Investors, is one of the largest private sector asset management companies in Southeast Asia.

Yearly dividend of about 0.65 to 0.68.

Current Price of 12.23, yield is about 5.31% /5.5%.

P/B is slightly above 1.

The dividend yield is above 5% which is considered good!

Chart wise, it is trading in a consolidation mode!

Waiting for the next catalyst to drive the price higher.

Looking at the chart we can see some buying interest with huge volume transacted on certain day which is rather interesting!

Will it repeat the same price patterns!

We will know the answer in next few trading sessions!

Pls dyodd.

Kep Infra Tr - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!

  Kep Infra Tr  - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!  Quote: Straits Times  - KIT  is considering ...