Tuesday, February 6, 2024

NetLink NBN Tr - 9th Month Business Update! Gross Revenue is up 3.2 percent to 309m. Net profit is up 4 percent to 85m. Healthy Cash flow! Awesome!

  NetLink NBN Tr  - 9th Month Business Update! Gross Revenue is up 3.2 percent to 309m. Net profit is up 4 percent to 85m. Healthy Cash flow! Awesome!

Yearly dividend of 5.3 cents.

At 85 cents, Yield is about 6.23%.

This one no-brainer strategy!

Pls dyodd. 

Chart wise,  bullish mode!

Short term wise,  I think she is rising up to reclaim 86 cents ! A nice breakout smoothly plus good volume that may likely see her rising up towards 88 than 91 cents! Pls dyodd.

 At 83.5 cents,  yield is of 6.35% for this dividend counter of which I think is a great opportunity to take note of! 

XD 16th November 2023. Yearly dividend is 5.3 cents. 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd. 

NetLink NBN Tr  - 2nd quarter results is out! Gross Revenue is u0 2.9% to 205.3m. Net profit is down 3.1% to 52.88m. Interim dividend is up 1.1%  to 2.65 cents .

I think results is almost flat. 

Net gearing is 21.5%.

XD 16 Nov.

At 84 cents, yield is about 6.3%. 

I think the results is not bad!

Please dyodd.

 I think good price is here! Yield is of about 6.1% at 0.855. This is even much higher than Singapore Government Bond of 3.16%. THIS counter is like  FD account which is consistently paying out dividend of 5.2 cents annually. I think opportunity is back! 

Please dyodd.

 NetLink NBN Trust  - 1st quarter update is out, Net profit is up 2.1percent to 28.2m, total Revenue is up 6.2 percent to 103.9m.

Yearly dividendis about 5.24 cents. Yield is 6.1% at 0.86.

I think the resultsis stable and yield is good 

Please dyodd.

NetLink NBN Trust (the "Trust") was established in 2017 primarily for the purpose of owning all of the units of NetLink Trust ("NLT"), through which NetLink NBN Trust owns the only nationwide fibre network supporting Singapore's Nationwide Broadband Network ("NBN").

NLT designs, builds, owns and operates the passive fibre network infrastructure of Singapore’s NBN. An initiative led by the Singapore government, the NBN aims to enhance the competitiveness of the economy through nationwide ultra-high-speed broadband access. By providing an open, wholesale access to our fibre network, telecommunication operators can focus on offering innovative products and services to consumers and businesses without incurring high fixed costs.

We offer primarily three types of end user connections:
(a) Residential
(b) Non-residential
(c) Non-Building Address Point (NBAP)

NetLink NBN Trust was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 19 July 2017. It is a constituent of the FTSE ST Large & Mid Cap Index, FTSE ST Singapore Shariah Index and the MSCI Global Small Cap - Singapore Index.

The future of fibre is unlimited. With its capability to transmit an infinite amount of data at scalable speed, it is an ideal medium to support the unabated growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, cloud computing, autonomous driving, smart manufacturing, remote surgery and other digital applications.

NAV 0.675.

Yearly dividend of 5.2 cents. 

Yield is 6%.

FY results for 2022.

Total Revenue increase 6.8% to 403m.

Final dividend of 2.62 cents is being declared! 

Chart wise, it has corrected from 0.91 to close at 0.865 after ex.dividend seem like a gd entry pivot point! 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd 

Monday, February 5, 2024

CapitaLand Integrated comm Tr - Results is out! Gross Revenue is up 4.1 percent to 785m, NPI is up 4 percent to 563m, DPU is up 5.45 cens versus 5.35 cents last year I think is a nice Sets of financial numbers, Fantastic!

  CapitaLand Integrated comm Tr - Results is out! Gross Revenue is up 4.1 percent to 785m, NPI is up 4 percent to 563m, DPU is up 5.45 cens versus 5.35 cents last year I think is a nice Sets of financial numbers,  Fantastic! 

NAV 2.13.

Occupancy rate 97.3%.

Yearly dividend is of 10.75 cents, Yield is about 5.5% at 1.96.

XD 14th February for 5.45 cents dividend. 

Pay date 28th March. 

 CapLand IntCom Tr  - She is slowly climbing up again and managed to touch 2.02, looks rather positive! A nice breakout of 2.02 smoothly we may see her revisiting 2.08 again! 


Temasek's Fullerton acquires 795,700 units in CICT at $1.9019 each.

Looks like they are seeing price trading at an attractive price level.

Likely to rise up to test 2.09 than 2.16.

Pls dyodd.

CapLand IntCom Tr - Fantastic! She has managed to cross over 1.91 smoothly and closed well at 2.01, this bullish momentum may likely continue to rise higher towards 2.09-2.10.

Huat ah!

Pls dyodd.

Hosey! She is going to Gap up and run away! 

Likely to cross over 1.91 smoothly and rises up towards 2.00 than 2.07.

Pls dyodd.

Fed Holds Rates Steady, Indicates Three Cuts Coming in 2024

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday held its key interest rate steady for the third straight time and set the table for multiple cuts to come in 2024 and beyond.

The Dow Jones industrial average hit its first record closing high since January 2022 and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq rallied more than 1% each on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve signaled that its interest rate-hiking policy is at an end and that it sees lower borrowing costs in 2024.

 When will she be able to overcome the resistance at 1.90! A nice breakout smoothly plus high volume would likely see her rising up to 1.95-1.97 than 2.07.

Pls dyodd. 

Looks like she may cross over the resistance at 1.90 any moment! 

Pathing way foe 1.95 than 2.00 with extension to 2.09.

Pls dyodd.

  Chart wise,  bullish mode!

Short term wise,  she may likely rise up to test 1.90 Tyan 1.95 with extension to 2.07-2.09.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.

It seems like it is having a temporary rebound as the volume is still low not so convincing!

Pls dyodd. 

At 1.69, yield is about 6.27% of which I think is quite a gd yield for this giant retail cum grade A office reit.

NAV 2.12.

3rd quarter Results update will be out on 26th October. 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd. 

CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (CICT or the Trust) is the first and largest real estate investment trust (REIT) listed on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) with a market capitalisation of S$13.5 billion as at 31 December 2022. It debuted on SGX-ST as CapitaLand Mall Trust in July 2002 and was renamed CICT in November 2020 following the merger with CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT).

 Looking at the FY 2022 results the NPI is up 9.7% and achieved an increased of DPU from 10.40 to 10.58 cents. It looks like the rental income is improving!

The First Quarter 2023 update is as follow:

The NPI is up 11.3% to 276.3m and occupancy rate % has improved from 95.8 to 96.2.

The gearing is slightly from 40.90 to 40.40%.

The Average WALE is 3.7 years.

The Top 10 tenants are RC Hotels (Pte) Ltd, WeWork Singapore, GIC Private Limited, NTUC Enterprise Co-Operative Ltd & Temasek Holdings etc.

Total Property value is about 24.2 billion of which is the Biggest reit counter listed on the Local Singapore Exchange.

NAV is about 2.116.

Yearly dividend of about 10.58, Yield is about 5.6%(based on current price of 1.89).

I think gd pivot entry point is back!

Please dyodd.

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Update : Mapletree PanAsia Com Tr - Today Ex.dividend, let's see how she fares! Trading at 1.46, yield is a out 6.1 percent estimating yearly dividend of 8.9 cents! Do take note!


Update  : Mapletree PanAsia Com Tr  - Today Ex.dividend,  let's see how she fares! Trading at 1.46, yield is a out 6.1 percent estimating yearly dividend of 8.9 cents! Do take note! 

May be she may continue to trend higher after ex.dividend! 

Pls dyodd.

Mapletree PanAsia Com Tr  - 3rd quarter results is out! Gross Revenue is up 0.8 percent to 241.5m, NPI is up 1.7% to 182.4m but Distribution is down 9.1% due to higher finance costs increasing 14%. Gearing 40.8%. 

Occupancy rate 96.7%.

XD 5th February. DIVIDEND 2.2 CENTS.

Pay date 14th March.  

I think results is so so. 

PLS dyodd. 

 — gross revenue and NPI both gained 10.1% and 8.7% YOY for 2Q24

— DPU down 8.2% YOY to 2.24 cents

— portfolio occupancy 96.3%

— gearing 40.7% with 79.9% debt on fixed

— Stable financial performance: Singapore drove growth with better performance while largely stable contributions from overseas properties were weighed down by stronger SGD

— Festival Walk: Sustained revenue supported by near full occupancy, shopper and tenant sales recovery, and continued progress towards rental stabilisation


Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial Trust (“MPACT”) is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) positioned to be the proxy to key gateway markets of Asia. Listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Limited (“SGX-ST”), it made its public market debut as Mapletree Commercial Trust on 27 April 2011 and was renamed MPACT on 3 August 2022 following the merger with Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust.

Its principal investment objective is to invest on a long-term basis, directly or indirectly, in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate used primarily for office and/or retail purposes, as well as real estate-related assets, in the key gateway markets of Asia (including but not limited to Singapore, China, Hong Kong1, Japan and South Korea).

MPACT’s portfolio comprises 18 commercial properties across five key gateway markets of Asia – five in Singapore, one in Hong Kong, two in China, nine in Japan and one in South Korea. They have a total NLA of 11.0 million square feet and valued at S$17.1 billion. 

Within Singapore, they are:

  • VivoCity – Singapore’s largest mall located in the HarbourFront Precinct;
  • Mapletree Business City (“MBC”) – a large-scale integrated office, business park and retail complex with Grade A building specifications, supported by ancillary retail space, located in the Alexandra Precinct;
  • mTower – an established integrated development with a 40-storey office block and a three-storey retail centre, Alexandra Retail Centre (“ARC”), located in the Alexandra Precinct;
  • Mapletree Anson – a 19-storey premium office building located in the Central Business District (“CBD”); and
  • Bank of America HarbourFront (“BOAHF”) – A premium six-storey office building located in the HarbourFront Precinct.

Outside Singapore, they are:

  • Festival Walk, Hong Kong – a landmark territorial retail mall with an office component;
  • Gateway Plaza, China – a Grade A office building with a podium area in Lufthansa sub-market within Beijing;
  • Sandhill Plaza, China – a Grade A business park development in Zhangjiang Science City, a key business and innovation hub in Pudong, Shanghai;
  • Japan Properties – nine freehold properties comprising five office buildings in Tokyo (IXINAL Monzen-nakacho Building, Higashi-nihonbashi 1-chome Building, TS Ikebukuro Building, Omori Prime Building and Hewlett-Packard Japan Headquarters Building); an office building in Yokohama (ABAS Shin-Yokohama Building) and three office buildings in Chiba (SII Makuhari Building, Fujitsu Makuhari Building and mBAY POINT Makuhari); and
  • The Pinnacle Gangnam, South Korea – a freehold Grade A office building with retail amenities located in Gangnam Business District, Seoul.
MPACT is one of the three REITs sponsored by Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd (“MIPL” or the “Sponsor”), a leading real estate development, investment, capital and property management company headquartered in Singapore.

MPACT is managed by MPACT Management Ltd. (“MPACTM” or the “Manager”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MIPL. The Manager aims to provide unitholders of MPACT (“Unitholders”) with a relatively attractive rate of return on their investment through regular and steady distributions, and to achieve long-term stability in Distribution per Unit (“DPU”) and Net Asset Value (“NAV”) per Unit, while maintaining an appropriate capital structure for MPACT.

2022 FY Financial results:

MPACT Achieves 65.4% and 62.6% Growth in FY22/23 Gross Revenue and Net Property Income

Full-year distribution per unit (“DPU”) totalled 9.61 Singapore cents.

Boosted by contribution from properties acquired through the merger1.

Better performance of core assets, VivoCity and Mapletree Business City (“MBC”), cushioned higher utility and finance costs in FY22/23. 

Positive rental reversion recorded by all markets except Greater China.

VivoCity’s full-year tenant sales set new record at over S$1 billion, and asset enhancement initiative (“AEI”) on Level 1 on track for opening from end-May 2023.

Improvement in shopper traffic and tenant sales at Festival Walk with the lifting of COVID measures and reopening of border with Mainland China.

Successfully renewed major leases at Bank of America HarbourFront, Festival Walk, Gateway Plaza and MBC during the year, adding to portfolio resilience.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Mapletree Log Tr - I think boat is back! At 1.53 yield is about 5.89 percent for this Logistics reit giant of which I think she is trading at a great discounted price ! Do take note!

  Mapletree Log Tr  - I think boat is back! At 1.53 yield is about 5.89 percent for this Logistics reit giant of which I think she is trading at a great discounted price ! Do take note! 

Pls dyodd. 

Mapletree Log Tr  - 3rd quarter results is out! DPU is slightly higher at 2.253 cents versus 2.227 cents last year! Gross Revenue is flat!I think results is quite good considering the higher interest rate environment! 

Gross Revenue is up 2.1% to 184m.

NPI is up 1.2% to 159m.

Dpu would have been about 2.214 cents if without income support of 2.8m.

Occupancy rate of 95.9% seem good!

Gearing is slightly lower at 38.8%.

Positive rental reversion of 3.8%.

XD 31 Jan 2024.

Pls dyodd.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Wilmar Intl - She is looking rather weak and may likely go down to test 3.26 than 3.23 again! Breaking down of 3.23 would be rather Negative!

 TA wise, bearish mode!

High probability she may go down test 3.26 than 3.23 with extension to 3.0p.

Pls dyodd.

Results is due on 21st February. 

Chart wise,  bearish mode! 

She may likely go down to test 2.98/3.00.

Breaking down of 3.00 plus high volume she may go further down to revisit 2.80 Than 2.43. 

Pls dyodd.

 Wilmar Intl  - She has broken down 3.38 level seem rather Negative and may likely go down to test 3.00! Do take note!

Pls dyodd.

This piece of news reported on the media not sure will it affects the share price! Please dyodd.

Quote : A Chinese subsidiary of Asian food giant Wilmar International F34 0.29% has denied allegations by a city prosecution agency that one of its units was partially accountable for a trade fraud that led to a 5.2 billion yuan (US$725 million) loss for a state-owned company.


Wilmar Intl  - She is drifting lower,  looks rather interesting! Likely to go down to test 3.39 again! Do take note!


Yearly dividend of 17 cents, yield is 4.94% at 3.44 of which i think  is quite a gd yield level!

Breaking down of 3.38 we may see sliding down toward 3.00.

Pls dyodd. 

Wah, crucial moment! 

I think is good to monitor and wait for market confirmation! 

Yearly dividend is 17 cents. Yield is 4.73%. NAV 4.22.

Pls dyodd.

  TA wise,  bearish mode!

If 3.60 cannot hold the high chance she will go down to test 3.53/3.50. Breaking down of 3.50 plus high volume we may likely see her going down to test 3.28 than 3.00 and 2.94.

Pls dyodd. 

Wilmar Intl  - Results is out Net profit is down 52.7% to 550m, Total Revenue is down 10% to 32538m.

Declared same interim dividend of 6 cents. 

Lower contribution from Food and Feed and I industrial products despite higher sales volume. 

Free cash flow of 1.89b.

I think the results is not bad!

Let's see how she fares next week!

Please dyodd.

 Wilmar International Limited, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Singapore, is today Asia’s leading agribusiness group. Wilmar is ranked amongst the largest listed companies by market capitalisation on the Singapore Exchange.

At the core of Wilmar’s strategy is an integrated agribusiness model that encompasses the entire value chain of the agricultural commodity business, from cultivation and milling of palm oil and sugarcane, to processing, branding and distribution of a wide range of edible food products in consumer, medium and bulk packaginganimal feeds and industrial agri-products such as oleochemicals and biodiesel. It has over 500 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering China, India, Indonesia and some 50 other countries and regions. Through scale, integration and the logistical advantages of its business model, Wilmar is able to extract margins at every step of the value chain, thereby reaping operational synergies and cost efficiencies. 

Supported by a multinational workforce of about 100,000 people, Wilmar embraces sustainability in its global operations, supply chain and communities. 

An Expanding Global Footprint:

From its humble beginnings, Wilmar has today become a global leader in processing and merchandising of edible oils, oilseed crushing, sugar merchandising, milling and refining, production of oleochemicals, specialty fats, palm biodiesel, flour milling, rice milling and consumer pack oils:

  • Largest edible oils refiner, specialty fats and oleochemicals manufacturer as well as leading oilseed crusher, producer of consumer pack oils, flour and rice and one of the largest flour and rice millers in China
  • One of the largest oil palm plantation owners and the largest palm oil refiner and palm kernel and copra crusher, specialty fats, oleochemicals and biodiesel manufacturer in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Largest producer of branded consumer pack oils in Indonesia
  • Largest branded consumer pack oils, specialty fats and oleochemicals producer and edible oils refiner as well as leading oilseed crusher, sugar miller, refiner and ethanol producer in India
  • One of the largest investors in oil palm plantations, one of the largest edible oils refiners and producers of consumer pack oils, soaps and detergents as well as third largest sugar producer in Africa
  • Largest raw sugar producer and refiner, a leading merchandiser of consumer brands in sugar and sweetener market and largest manufacturer of bread, spreads and sauces in Australia
  • Leading refiner of tropical oils in Europe.
First quarter 2023 Financial No. update :

The Group reported net profit of US$391.4 million and core net profit of US$381.9 million for the quarter, with stronger sales volume recorded in both Food Products and Feed & Industrial Products segments. Excluding the gain on dilution of interest in Adani Wilmar Limited of US$175.6 million recognised in 1Q2022, the Group reported a growth in net profit of 10.3%, while core net profit grew by 16.5% during the quarter. 

Despite the challenging operating conditions, the Group managed to deliver a satisfactory set of results for 1Q2023. Higher volume of sales was achieved across all businesses. Sugar milling and merchandising did well with higher sugar prices. Oilseed crushing did better due to higher volume and good coverage of raw materials. Food Products segment saw an overall increase in volume of sales, largely due to higher medium pack and bulk products sales, particularly in China. Plantation profit was reasonable even though palm oil prices came down significantly from the peak. Shipping performed well but palm oil refining margin was poor. 

Cash Flow & Balance Sheet The stable performance for the quarter led the Group to generate higher operating cash flows before working capital changes of US$756.1 million. With the decline in commodity prices and seasonal reduction in overall inventory balance during the quarter, working capital requirements for the Group decreased accordingly, leading to lower net debt of US$17.27 billion as of 31 March 2023 (31 December 2022: US$18.75 billion). Consequently, net gearing ratio for the Group improved to 0.84x as of March 2023 (FY2022: 0.94x). This led to the Group generating strong cash inflow from operating activities of US$2.17 billion in 1Q2023. At the end of the reporting period, the Group had unutilised banking facilities amounting to US$26.32 billion. 

Outlook Results for the quarter ended 31 March 2023 were satisfactory, despite the uncertain macro-economic outlook at the start of the year. With our diversified and integrated business strategies, we are cautiously optimistic that performance for the rest of the year will remain satisfactory. 

The company paid out Final dividend of 11 cents + interim dividend of 6 cents, total 17 cents for FY 2022. The current share price is $3.97, yield is about 4.28% of which I think is quite a decent yield!

Chart wise, bearish mode!
She may likely continue to trend lower!

Short term wise, I think likely to go down to test 3.90.
Breaking down of 3.90 plus high volume that may likely see her falling down further towards 3.75 then 3.46 level.

Please dyodd.

Kep Infra Tr - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!

  Kep Infra Tr  - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!  Quote: Straits Times  - KIT  is considering ...