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Sembcorp Ind

 Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) is a leading energy and urban solutions provider, driven by its purpose to do good and play its part in building a sustainable future.

Headquartered in Singapore, Sembcorp leverages its sector expertise and global track record to deliver innovative solutions that support the energy transition and sustainable development. By focusing on growing its Renewables and Integrated Urban Solutions businesses, it aims to transform its portfolio towards a greener future and be a leading provider of sustainable solutions.

Sembcorp has a balanced energy portfolio of 18.5GW, with 11.0GW of gross renewable energy capacity comprising solar, wind and energy storage globally. The company also has a proven track record of transforming raw land into sustainable urban developments, with a project portfolio spanning over 12,000 hectares across Asia.

Sembcorp is listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange. It is a constituent stock of the Straits Times Index and sustainability indices including the FTSE4Good Index and the iEdge SG ESG indices.

Renewable Energy

At Sembcorp, we are committed to transforming our portfolio from brown to green to support the global energy transition. 

With a gross renewable energy capacity of 11.0GW installed and under development, our renewable energy portfolio comprises wind, solar and energy storage in our focus markets, and we continue to target growth in this sector.

To help our partners on their own decarbonisation goals, our carbon management business, GoNetZeroTM, provides one-stop access to renewable energy and carbon management solutions, including high quality and verified renewable energy certificates and carbon credits.

Conventional Energy

Present in: Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Oman, Singapore, UAE, UK and Vietnam​

As an established power player with 7.4GW of conventional power capacity in key markets, we provide reliable energy to industries and communities, ensuring quality of life and economic development in the countries we operate in.

Our competitive edge lies in our global track record as an originator, owner or investor, operator and optimiser of energy assets with strong operational, management and technical capabilities. We have proven capabilities operating gas-fired power plants with technology for greater efficiency and lower emissions, including combined cycle gas turbines, as well as combined power and desalination.

We also offer a wide variety of gas and gas-related services such as gas sourcing, importation and trading. As Singapore's first commercial importer and retailer of piped natural gas, we are also its largest player in the natural gas market. In addition, we provide customers access to a global portfolio of liquefied natural gas (LNG) sources as an importer of LNG for Singapore.

The megatrends of decarbonisation, urbanisation and electrification are continuing to shape our world. At Sembcorp, we are driven by a clear purpose to play our part in building a sustainable future. With our strategy fully anchored in this purpose, sustainability is front and centre of all that we do. It is our business.

Chart wise,  bullish mode!

She had a good running up from 3.00 to current price of 5.75.

I think price has run ahead of its future earnings potential looks rather over extended! Too much hype and analyst upgrading plus new contracts winning. 

Short term wise,  I think likely to see some profit takings/correction!

Please dyodd.

Our vision is to be a leading provider of sustainable solutions. We aim to transform our portfolio from brown to green, by focusing on growing our renewables and integrated urban solutions businesses. To support the global energy transition and sustainable development, we target to grow Group net profit contribution from sustainable solutions to 70% by 2025.


 Dyna-Mac is a global leader in the design and construction of Modules for the Hydrocarbons industry. We undertake the design, detailed engineering, fabrication and construction of offshore topside modules for FPSOs (floating production storage and offloading vessels), FSOs (floating storage and offloading vessels), FLNGs (floating liquefied natural gas vessels), FSRUs (floating storage and regasification units) and Fixed Platforms, as well as onshore petrochemical, chemical and refinery plants and other subsea products for the Hydrocar

bons industry.

Listed on SGX Mainboard and headquartered in Singapore, Dyna-Mac also has strategic partnership presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and The Philippines. Dyna-Mac’s global project experiences span across different parts of the world serving major International and National Companies.

Our state-of-the-art yard facilities enable us to fabricate complete modules on-site, ready to be shipped to location

Listed on Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) Mainboard, Dyna-Mac’s headquarter is in Singapore and has global partnership presence in many countries worldwide. Since inception in 1990, Dyna-Mac over the years has grown into an established Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor and Modules Specialist, successfully completing international projects across different parts of the world serving the major International and National Energy companies.

Over 30 years of experience in the market and successful delivery of more than 300 modules is a good testament of Dyna-Mac’s expertise and capabilities. To date, Dyna-Mac has executed a total of 310 modules, 28 skids and 49 PARs. The heaviest total topside weights for a single project was over 18,000 T. Dyna-Mac has also fabricated FPSO Turrets weighing more than 8,500 T and Semi-Sub hull of weight 12,700 T.

Our in-depth expertise, extensive experience and state-of-the art facilities supported by strong management and dedicated professionals have helped us in delivering projects successfully beyond our clients’ expectations.

Dyna-Mac has two fabrication yards in Singapore (Gul Yard and Pandan Yard) which have a total land area of over 140,000 square meters. Our Gul Yard has a ground load-bearing capacity of 50 metric tons per square metre with a waterfront shoreline of over 300 metres and water depths of up to 7.8 metres at datum. Our Pandan Yard houses the exotic material piping workshop where duplex and super duplex welding works are being carried out in a highly automated and strict climate-controlled environment. With our robust fabrication process and stringent controls in the quality management, we have consistently achieved close to zero defects in all our exotic pipe weldings.

Dyna-Mac has expanded our global footprint to execute larger and more complex projects through strategic collaborations and/or joint ventures with reputed international engineering companies and other overseas yards in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and The Philippines.

Dyna-Mac has consistently achieved excellent safety records for our projects through effective HSE policies and practices supported by our senior management commitments. It is in Dyna-Mac’s vision and core value to achieve Zero Harm to people, property and the environment.

Being ISO accredited, Dyna-Mac maintains and implements continual improvement to its safety and quality management in training, documentation and process methodology. Dyna-Mac enjoys an established reputation as a reliable EPC provider and Module Specialist with a strong and global base of repeat customers and our ability in serving new customers.

Chart wise,  bullish mode!

Likely to continue to trend higher!

Short term wise  I think likely to reclaim 0.39 !

A nice breakout accompanied with good volume that may likely drive the price higher towards 0.45 then 0.50.

Please dyodd.

Friday, June 30, 2023


 She is due to report her 1st half results on 4th August 2023  before trading commence. 

All eyes will be anxious to see if there is an increase in the interim dividend of 0.28 .

Yearly dividend of 0.40 + 0.28 = 0.68.

Yield is 5.5% based on current price of 12.28.

P/B is about 1.08x.

I would say the yield is gd for our local bank! In the way, it is much better than the reit which is paying out 90 - 100% based on their distribution income. Whereas bank, only pay out less than 50% of their net income.  A vast difference between the two! 

Which one is better you decide!

Quote : Bloomberg.com 

Bank stocks notched their first monthly gain since before the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March after passing the Federal Reserve’s stress test. 

Chart wise, bearish mode!

It will need to overcome the resistance at about 12.40. 

A nice crossing over of 12.40 plus gd volume we may likely see her rising up towards 12.80 level.

Not a call to buy or sell.

Please dyodd. 

CapLand India trust

 Preferential Offering of share at 1.06 per unit.

PO exercise date from 30th June to 10th July


Every 1000 share you are entitled 119 unit of share. 

If you hold 5000 share, you are eligible to apply for 547 unit at 1.06 per share. 

You may choose to apply together with excess to make it an even lot number for example 600 share or 1000 share. 

The new share will be credited to your account on 18 July 2023.

Good luck!

Please dyodd.

Chart wise,  bullish mode!

Likely to continue to trend higher!

Short term wise,  a nice breakout of 1.14 smoothly may likely see her rising up to test 1.21.

Yearly dividend of about 8.3 cents.

Yield is about 7.28%

NAV 1.08.

CapitaLand India Trust (CLINT), formerly known as Ascendas India Trust, was listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) in August 2007 as the first Indian property trust in Asia. Its principal objective is to own income-producing real estate used primarily as business space in India. CLINT may also develop and acquire land or uncompleted developments primarily to be used as business space, with the objective of holding the properties upon completion. As at 12 May 2023, CLINT’s assets under management stand at S$2.7 billion.

CLINT’s portfolio includes nine world-class IT business parks, one logistics park, one industrial facility and four data centre developments in India, with total completed floor area of 19.2 million square feet spread across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. CLINT is focused on capitalising on the fast-growing IT industry and industrial/logistics asset classes in India, as well as proactively diversifying into other new economy asset class such as data centres. 

CLINT is structured as a business trust, offering stable income distributions similar to a real estate investment trust. CLINT focuses on enhancing shareholder value by actively managing existing properties, developing vacant land in its portfolio, and acquiring new properties.

CLINT is managed by CapitaLand India Trust Management Pte. Ltd., formerly known as Ascendas Property Fund Trustee Pte. Ltd. The trustee-manager is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore-listed CapitaLand Investment Limited, a leading global real estate investment manager with a strong Asia foothold.    

IT Parks

Our business parks offer a distinct business lifestyle where convenience and comfort meet productivity. Lush greenery and modern architecture create an exciting landscape that inspires knowledge workers, while an impressive array of amenities is designed to enhance the working experience. From sports, medical and childcare facilities to restaurants and cafes, our thoughtfully curated range of services cater to all professional needs. We have also seamlessly integrated technology and sustainable practices throughout our parks, from energy-efficient buildings to smart infrastructure, minimizing our environmental impact while maximizing efficiency.

Data Centres

We are developing 4 data centres in India’s key data centre markets – Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. As at second quarter 2023, construction of the data centres in Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad have commenced. When fully developed, the four state-of-the-art data centres will deliver a total power capacity of 244 MW. Our data centres adopt sustainable design principles and green building standards, including features such as intelligent energy management systems, solar panels, and highly efficient cooling systems using low global warming potential refrigerant. 

Industrial/Logistics Facilities

Our industrial facility is a premier Grade A asset, fully leased to a multinational electronics manufacturer. It is situated in Mahindra World City, a renowned industrial micro-market known for its blue-chip occupants.

Our logistics asset consists of seven modern and high-quality warehouses ensuring efficient and seamless logistics operations. It is situated in Panvel, a well-established and strategic warehousing zone that provides convenient access to India's largest container port, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Mapletree Log

 TA wise, she is still quite weak! 

Need to reclaim 1.67 in order to reverse this

 downtrend and rises higher!

Yield is quite gd at 5.5%.

Pls dyodd. 

  Chart wise, she has managed to bounced off from the low of 1.62 and closed higher at 1.67 looks rather bullish!

Short term wise, with rate hike likely pause in June reit may get lifted! I think likely to rise upbto test 1.70! 

A nice breakout smoothly plus high volume that may likely drive the price higher towards 1.80 and beyond!

Yearly dpu of 9 cents, yield is 5.4% of which I think is quite good! 

Gearing is below 40%. Market cap is about 8.225b. 

Pls dyodd.

Mapletree Logistics Trust (“MLT”) is Singapore’s first Asia-focused logistics real estate investment trust. Listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited in 2005, MLT invests in a diversified portfolio of quality, well-located, income producing logistics real estate in Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, China, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

The Manager, Mapletree Logistics Trust Management Ltd., is committed to providing Unitholders with competitive

total returns through the following strategies:

  1. optimising organic growth and hence, property yield from the existing portfolio; 
  2. making yield accretive acquisitions of good quality logistics properties; and
  3. managing capital to maintain MLT’s strong balance sheet and provide financial flexibility for growth.
Recent acquisition of 6 logistics assets in Japan and a logistics assets in Korea.  

Portfolio Overview

Our properties, built to modern building specifications, are strategically located near to major expressways and established logistics clusters in nine geographic markets across Asia Pacific.

Daiwa Hse Log

 Lai ah, jiak! Nom Nom!

She is hovering near the 0.61 price level looks rather positive and may likely cross over smoothly! 

Next, we can see her rising up to test 0.645-0.655.

Pls add dyodd.


 Wah, breakout of 0.60 , awesome!

Short term wise, I think she is rising up to test 0.65 then 0.70-0.71.

Huat ah! Please dyodd.

 Chart wise,  bullish mode!

A nice breaking out of 0.595 plus high volume she may likely rise up to test 0.65. 

Yearly dividend of 5.22 cents.  Yield is 8.8%. Low gearing,  wale is 6.9 years. I think it is trading at a great value price level of 0.59.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd.

 Daiwa House Logistics Trust (DHLT) is a Singapore real estate investment trust (REIT) listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST). The REIT is established with the investment strategy of principally investing, directly or indirectly, in a portfolio of income-producing logistics and industrial real estate assets located across Asia. DHLT’s investment focus will be to invest in logistics and industrial real estate assets in Asia, in particular, within Japan as well as in the ASEAN region.

DHLT’s key objectives are to provide Unitholders with regular and stable distributions, and to achieve long-term growth in DPU and net asset value per Unit, while maintaining an optimal capital structure and strengthening the portfolio in scale and quality.

DHLT is managed by Daiwa House Asset Management Asia Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sponsor, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., a leading real estate player in Japan.

Occupancy % rate of 98.6. Gearing 36.2%. Wale 6.9 years. First quarter Distributable Income increased 2.5% to 9.1m. 

Yearly dividend of 5.22 cents( half yearly basis ) . Yield is 9% base on current price of 0.58.

NAV of 0.77 . 

It looks like a gem for this Logistics reit focusing in Japan of which was being sold down due to high interest rate situation. 

I think gd value is presenting at the current price level!

Pls dyodd.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Mapletree PanAsia

 I nibbled a bit at 1.61 as it is hovering at the major support level! 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd. 

Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial Trust (“MPACT”) is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) positioned to be the proxy to key gateway markets of Asia. Listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Limited (“SGX-ST”), it made its public market debut as Mapletree Commercial Trust on 27 April 2011 and was renamed MPACT on 3 August 2022 following the merger with Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust.

Its principal investment objective is to invest on a long-term basis, directly or indirectly, in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate used primarily for office and/or retail purposes, as well as real estate-related assets, in the key gateway markets of Asia (including but not limited to Singapore, China, Hong Kong1, Japan and South Korea).

MPACT’s portfolio comprises 18 commercial properties across five key gateway markets of Asia – five in Singapore, one in Hong Kong, two in China, nine in Japan and one in South Korea. They have a total NLA of 11.0 million square feet and valued at S$17.1 billion. 

Within Singapore, they are:

  • VivoCity – Singapore’s largest mall located in the HarbourFront Precinct;
  • Mapletree Business City (“MBC”) – a large-scale integrated office, business park and retail complex with Grade A building specifications, supported by ancillary retail space, located in the Alexandra Precinct;
  • mTower – an established integrated development with a 40-storey office block and a three-storey retail centre, Alexandra Retail Centre (“ARC”), located in the Alexandra Precinct;
  • Mapletree Anson – a 19-storey premium office building located in the Central Business District (“CBD”); and
  • Bank of America HarbourFront (“BOAHF”) – A premium six-storey office building located in the HarbourFront Precinct.

Outside Singapore, they are:

  • Festival Walk, Hong Kong – a landmark territorial retail mall with an office component;
  • Gateway Plaza, China – a Grade A office building with a podium area in Lufthansa sub-market within Beijing;
  • Sandhill Plaza, China – a Grade A business park development in Zhangjiang Science City, a key business and innovation hub in Pudong, Shanghai;
  • Japan Properties – nine freehold properties comprising five office buildings in Tokyo (IXINAL Monzen-nakacho Building, Higashi-nihonbashi 1-chome Building, TS Ikebukuro Building, Omori Prime Building and Hewlett-Packard Japan Headquarters Building); an office building in Yokohama (ABAS Shin-Yokohama Building) and three office buildings in Chiba (SII Makuhari Building, Fujitsu Makuhari Building and mBAY POINT Makuhari); and
  • The Pinnacle Gangnam, South Korea – a freehold Grade A office building with retail amenities located in Gangnam Business District, Seoul.
MPACT is one of the three REITs sponsored by Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd (“MIPL” or the “Sponsor”), a leading real estate development, investment, capital and property management company headquartered in Singapore.

MPACT is managed by MPACT Management Ltd. (“MPACTM” or the “Manager”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MIPL. The Manager aims to provide unitholders of MPACT (“Unitholders”) with a relatively attractive rate of return on their investment through regular and steady distributions, and to achieve long-term stability in Distribution per Unit (“DPU”) and Net Asset Value (“NAV”) per Unit, while maintaining an appropriate capital structure for MPACT.

2022 FY Financial results:

MPACT Achieves 65.4% and 62.6% Growth in FY22/23 Gross Revenue and Net Property Income

Full-year distribution per unit (“DPU”) totalled 9.61 Singapore cents.

Boosted by contribution from properties acquired through the merger1.

Better performance of core assets, VivoCity and Mapletree Business City (“MBC”), cushioned higher utility and finance costs in FY22/23. 

Positive rental reversion recorded by all markets except Greater China.

VivoCity’s full-year tenant sales set new record at over S$1 billion, and asset enhancement initiative (“AEI”) on Level 1 on track for opening from end-May 2023.

Improvement in shopper traffic and tenant sales at Festival Walk with the lifting of COVID measures and reopening of border with Mainland China.

Successfully renewed major leases at Bank of America HarbourFront, Festival Walk, Gateway Plaza and MBC during the year, adding to portfolio resilience.

Chart wise, bearish mode!
It is now hovering at the support level of 1.60-1.61.

Yearly dividend is about 9 cents ( base on 4th quarter dpu of 2.25 cents).

Yield is about 5.6% based on current price of 1.61.

NAV is 1.759.

As at 31 March 2023, the aggregate leverage ratio was 40.9% and the average term to maturity was 3.0 years. For FY22/23, the weighted average all-in cost of debt was 2.68% per annum and the adjusted interest coverage ratio was approximately 3.5 times on a 12-month trailing basis. 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.

PWLife Reit


Parkway Life REIT ("PLife REIT") is one of Asia's largest listed healthcare REITs. It invests in income-producing real estate and real estate-related assets used primarily for healthcare and healthcare-related purposes. As at 31 March 2023, PLife REIT's total portfolio size stands at 61 properties totalling approximately S$2.20 billion.


To deliver regular and stable distributions and achieve long-term growth for our Unitholders.

Our Growth Strategy

PLife REIT is firmly guided by its principle of staying prudent and focused in its growth strategy, focusing on:

As at 31 March 2023, PLife REIT has successfully expanded its total portfolio to 61 properties, including hospitals and medical centres in Singapore, Malaysia and 57 healthcare-related assets in Japan, worth approximately S$2.20 billion1.

Targeted Investment

As PLife REIT continues to be on the lookout for high-quality, yield-accretive acquisition opportunities in the region, it remains discerning and prudent in its approach of acquiring assets that are not only value -generating, but also preserve the long-term defensiveness of the overall portfolio.

Proactive Asset Management

Through proactive asset management, PLife REIT constantly strives to maximise portfolio performance in order to enhance the revenue-generating ability of its properties and ensure sustainable earnings for its Unitholders.

As part of PLife REIT’s initiative to drive organic growth and foster good Landlord-Lessee relationships, it seeks to work closely with its Lessees to understand their operational requirements and embark on Asset Enhancement Initiatives (“AEIs”) which are tailored to suit the needs of its healthcare operators and end users of the properties. Such strategic collaborative arrangements serve to benefit all parties and promote greater revenue sustainability for PLife REIT.

PLife REIT has, leveraging on its clustering/ partnering approach and good landlord-lessee relationships, successfully expanded its nursing home portfolio and completed 14 AEIs in Japan since its maiden entry in 2008 and one at its Malaysia property (Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur).

Moving forward, PLife REIT remains committed to exploring and rolling out more of such AEIs across its entire portfolio to extract the greatest value from its properties. To further strengthen PLife REIT's earnings resiliency, it is also focused on consolidation efforts for its Japan portfolio to optimise operating synergies and achieve greater cost savings.

Capital and Financial Management

PLife REIT aims to maintain a strong financial position through prudent and dynamic capital and financial management, to ensure continuous access to funding at optimal cost, maintain stable distributions to Unitholders and achieve a steady net asset value.

As at 31 March 2023, PLife REIT's gearing was 37.5% which complied with the stipulated Aggregate Leverage limit1. The interest coverage ratio stood at 15.6 times2.

Dynamic liability and liquidity risk management

PLife REIT adopts a dynamic and pro-active approach for its liability and liquidity risk management. Our key liability and funding management strategies in support of our regional growth aspirations are:

1) To achieve diversified funding sources at an optimal cost
Diversify our funding sources from a panel of high quality banks, establishing and maintaining our Debt Issuance Programme and other financing sources to attain varied liability tenure, with the end objective of maintaining the most optimal financing cost mix.

2) To enhance the defensiveness of PLife REIT's Balance Sheet strength
Dynamically manage our debt maturity profile to ensure well-spread debt maturities and at the same time, to maintain an optimal capital structure.

Tactical approaches adopted in view of the above strategies are:

a) Conscientious effort in lengthening and spreading out the debt maturity period;
b) Cultivating and maintaining a panel of key banks to support our long term growth;
c) Establishing alternative source of fund. In this respect, PLife REIT, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Parkway Life MTN Pte Ltd (the “MTN Issuer”), put in place a S$500 million Multicurrency Debt Issuance Programme to provide PLife REIT with the flexibility to tap various types of capital market products including issuance of perpetual securities when needed. On 6 December 2022, the Group issued a 6-year JPY5.0 billion and a maiden 7-year JPY6.04 billion fixed rate notes to pre-emptively refinance existing fixed rate notes due in 2023 and term out the JPY short-term loans drawn down for acquisition financing. As at 31 March 2023, there were five series of outstanding unsecured fixed rate

notes amounted to JPY19.84 billion3 (approximately S$202.6 million) issued under the Debt Issuance Programme, which diversified PLife REIT’s funding sources.
d) Minimising near-term refinancing risk through pre-emptive terming out current debts. With the new notes issuance, PLife REIT has effectively managed its debt maturity profile with no immediate long-term debt refinancing needs until February 2024.

Financial risk management

PLife REIT adopts prudent financial risk management to manage the exposure to interest rate risk and foreign currency risk. Our policy is to hedge at least 50% (up to 100%) of all financial risks.

Interest rate risk is managed on an ongoing basis with the primary objective of limiting the extent to which net interest expenses could be affected by adverse movements in interest rates, by hedging the long term committed borrowings through the use of interest rate hedging financial instruments. For the foreign exchange ("Forex") risk management, we strive to hedge Forex risk on principal which will allow PLife REIT to maintain a stable net asset value, as the Forex fluctuation on foreign asset will offset the Forex fluctuation of the hedging instrument. We also aim to hedge the Forex risk on net overseas income which will provide PLife REIT with stability in distributable income, as PLife REIT will be shielded from exchange rate fluctuation on foreign income.

As at 31 March 2023, the Group has put in place Japanese Yen forward exchange contracts till 1Q 2027 and about 78% of interest rate exposure is hedged.

Chart wise,  bullish mode!

Looks like she is trying to do a reversal price patterns and may likely rise up to test 4.00 then 4.06.

NAV is about 2.33.

Yearly dividend of 14.4 cents.

Yield is about 3.745 % based on current price of 3.91.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd. 

Kep Infra Tr - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!

  Kep Infra Tr  - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!  Quote: Straits Times  - KIT  is considering ...