Friday, September 29, 2023

Kep Infra Tr - She is trading at 46.5 cents, Yield is about 8.3% for this green energy trust of which I think is a great opportunity not to miss!

 Yearly dividend is about 3.86 cents. 

Yield is about 8.3%. 

Chart wise, a long and bullish pin bar appearing on the chart yesterday,  looks like Bull is in control as she has managed to bounced off from 44 cents to close at 46.5 cents looks rather positive!

Short term term, let's monitor and see if she can rise up to reclaim 50 cents! 

Please dyodd.

Results is out!

Distribution income is up 51% to 132.8m.

Dividend increase 1% to 1.93 cents.

XD 2nd August.  Pay date 11 August. 

 First Half results will be out on 26th July 2023, dividend is coming , awesome!

Wonder will there be any increase in dividend payout!

Yield is about 7.41% at 0.515.

Pls dyodd.

 Keppel Infrastructure Trust (KIT) is the largest diversified business trust listed in Singapore with approximately $7.3 billion in assets under management.

The Trust was constituted on 5 January 2007 under the laws of the Republic of Singapore and registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (registration number 2007001).

KIT’s portfolio comprises strategic businesses and assets in the three core segments of Energy Transition, Environmental Services, and Distribution & Storage. These businesses and assets provide essential products and services across a broad range of industries; and generate regular and resilient cash flows, with potential for growth that is supported by favourable long-term market dynamics and demand. This is in line with KIT’s long-term goal of delivering sustainable and growing returns to Unitholders, through a combination of recurring distributions and capital appreciation.

Keppel Infrastructure Fund Management Pte Ltd (KIFM) is the Trustee-Manager of KIT. KIFM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Capital, a premier asset manager with a diversified portfolio in real estate, infrastructure, data centres and alternative assets in key global markets.

Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation Limited, is the Sponsor of KIT.

Business: Sole producer and retailer of piped town gas, and green energy solutions provider
Customer: Approximately 886,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers

With a long heritage of 160 years as Singapore’s sole provider of piped town gas, City Gas has transformed into City Energy to provide innovative green energy solutions that meet the needs of a growing city. City Energy produces and distributes piped town gas safely and reliably to approximately 886,000 residents, commercial and industrial customers islandwide, while offering low-carbon, IoT-enabled home solutions and electric vehicle charging services through City Energy Life and City Energy Go. To reduce carbon emissions, City Energy is also exploring green hydrogen as part of town gas production.

City Energy’s facility in Singapore, Senoko Gasworks, has a production capacity of 1.6 million m3 per day. As the only facility producing town gas in Singapore, Senoko Gasworks generates town gas using three continuous reforming plants and five cyclic reforming plants, each with a production capacity of 200,000 m3 per day. The plants are equipped to use both natural gas and light virgin naphtha as feedstock. The town gas produced can either be stored in two spherical gasholders or sent out through the distribution network to customers. Every day, gas production is monitored, controlled and directed 24 hours a day from a central control room. At the heart of the central control room is a fully automated distribution control system. The computerised distribution control system enables the experienced plant controllers to operate, monitor and oversee the gas production and ancillary plant. 

Business: 2,310 tonnes/day waste incineration concession
Customer: NEA, Singapore’s national environment agency
Contract Terms: 15 years till 2024
Operations & Maintenance Operator: Keppel Seghers

Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant (Senoko WTE Plant) is the third waste incineration plant built in Singapore and is one of four incineration plants currently operating. It was commissioned in 1992 with a land area of 7.5 ha.

Senoko WTE Plant is equipped with six incinerator-boiler units with two condensing turbine-generators offering a power generation capacity of 2 x 28 MW. Waste incineration is carried out at the plant 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Senoko WTE Plant underwent a flue gas treatment system upgrade in June 2012, which was completed within the contracted timeframe and budget, and with an accident-free safety record.

On 26 September 2014, the trust entered into an agreement with NEA to progressively increase the contracted incineration capacity of the plant by up to 10% from 2,100 tonnes per day to 2,310 tonnes per day between July 2015 and September 2016. The capacity payments from NEA were correspondingly increased with the completion of each incineration unit upgrade, with the sixth and final unit upgrade being completed with effect from 1 September 2016.

Following the decommissioning

of Ulu Pandan Incineration Plant by the Singapore government in August 2009, Senoko WTE Plant became the only waste incineration plant located in the northern part of Singapore. The plant is also the only waste incineration facility located outside of the Tuas area (which is in the western part of Singapore) and this positions it to serve the eastern, northern and central areas of the country.

Business: Industrial infrastructure business supplying key water treatment chemicals, industrial and specialty chemicals
Customer: Over 8,000 customers comprising municipals and blue-chip companies

Ixom is a leading industrial infrastructure business in Australia and New Zealand, that provides specialised source water, water and wastewater treatment solutions critical to a clean water supply. Ixom is also a supplier of essential chemical products and solutions for a range of industries.

In Australia, Ixom is the sole manufacturer and provider of liquefied chlorine, as well as the leading provider of manufactured caustic soda. The group is also one of the largest bulk and packaged chemical distribution businesses in Australia and New Zealand. The chemicals manufactured and distributed by Ixom are fundamental components used in a range of industries including the water treatment, dairy and agriculture, mining, construction and nickel refining sectors, most of which have favourable demand outlooks.

Ixom is supported by about 1,000 employees and its business is underpinned by the extensive scale and strategic locale of its assets, facilities and distribution network, which are in close proximity to key ports and customers. The locations of its assets and facilities allow Ixom to benefit from lower transportation costs, while ensuring reliability and timely delivery of its products and services to its customers in a safe manner.

Yearly dividend of 3.82 cents. 

Yield is about 7.7%.

Dividend payout half yearly basis of 1.91 cents.

Chart wise,  she is slowly rising up from 0.48 to close at 0.495, looks like it is gaining strength! 

If it can cross over 

0.505 smoothly plus gd volume that may likely rise further up to test 0.525.

Next resistance level is at 0.545.

Please dyodd.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

QAF - Roti is holding up well during this weak market seems quite resilience! At 0.82, yield is about 6.1 percent, not bad! Net cash position!

 For those who like Gardenia bread, I think she is holding up well during the Bear mode situation!

At 6% yield, I think is quite a good yield level!

Pls dyodd.

  After Ex.dividend on 7th September, the price has corrected to 0.795 looks rather interesting!

At 79.5 cents, yield is about 6.29%. NaV is 0.827.

The recent share bought back by the company director it might be indication of the price is trading at an undervlaue price level. The director and executive director Lin Kejian bought 1,018,200 shares at an average price of S$0.815 per share. 

I have nibbled a bit today  - 8th September at 0.795 per share.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd. 

This is a purely dividend play ! Not much capital gains as trading volume is always very low kind of illiquid! At 0.81, yield is more than 6%.

Their track records has been consistently paying out 5 cents dividend for past few years so, I think it will likely be the same for Year 2023!

Pls dyodd. 


Yearly dividend of 5 cents.

Yield is above 6% at 0.815.

Net cash position. 

But cash flow is slightly negative. 

Recently,  the director bought back some share.

This might be an indication that the price is  undervalued .

Please dyodd. 

QAF core businesses are into Bakery, Distribution and Warehousing!

Branded Packaged Bread

Our branded packaged breads are Gardenia and Bonjour. We are the region's leading manufacturer and distributor of the premium Gardenia brand of packaged bread, the top selling brand in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Each day, Gardenia bread is delivered 'straight from the oven' by our fleet of some 1,900 vans and trucks to about 78,000 supermarkets, convenience stores and general trade channels all over Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Our In 2022, Gardenia Singapore improved the recipes of two existing milk bread products and launched the Gardenia Hokkaido Butter Rolls in February 2022 and the Gardenia Hokkaido Hi-Calcium Milk Bread in April 2022. The new Gardenia Hokkaido Butter Rolls are made with a Hokkaido butter blend and the creamy and soft bun texture makes the butter rolls enjoyable on their own as well. Targeted at milk bread lovers and families with young children, the new Gardenia Hokkaido Hi-Calcium Milk Bread contains Prebiotics, Calcium, Iron and both Vitamins B1 and B3.

To provide greater convenience and accessibility to Gardenia products, the company became the first bakery in Singapore to introduce the loaf bread vending machine. These vending machines are located in selected high-density residential areas and corporations to serve consumers 24 hours a day, rain or shine.

The company has a multi-brand portfolio, with bakery brands such as Bonjour and Bonjour Delights to cater to different consumer tastes. Since 1998, Bonjour has been carrying its own range of white, wholemeal and speciality breads, as well as croissants and buns. Bonjour seeks to deliver tasty and affordable products with interesting flavours such Bonjour Choc Chip Raisin Loaf and Bonjour Butterscotch Loaf. In 2017, Bonjour was awarded “Top Influential Brand” status in the Bread Category. The Bonjour Delights brand was launched in 2021 to target price-sensitive consumers seeking nostalgic local bakery products.

Garde7nia operates two bakery plants in Singapore, while the Spreads

The Group has developed a line of bread spreads to complement its wide range of breads and bakery products.

In Singapore, Ben Foods has a range of spreads comprising of Cowhead ButterCowhead Dandelion Spread (soft margarine)Cowhead Cream Cheese Spread and Cowhead Dandelion Margarine Block, a shelf stable margarine that is ideal for cooking, frying and baking.

In 1997, Gardenia Malaysia launched Auntie Rosie’s line of kaya spreads. The Original Homestyle Kaya and Natural Pandan Kaya spreads have become very popular with young and old alike.

To cater to the demand for competitively priced tasty and quality bread spreads, Gardenia Malaysia also launched two new and exciting chocolate spreads in 2015. They are the rich-tasting and creamy Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Delicia Milky Chocolate Spread. The spreads were initially launched on a small scale and were so well received that they now come in upsized 375g jars and are sold in over 8,000 outlets in Malaysia.

In 2022, Gardenia Malaysia introduced a new variant to its spread range, the Gardenia Delicia Salted Caramel, a flavoured chocolate spread. The creamy, thick textured and rich caramel taste chocolate spread comes in 2 pack sizes: 200g and 375g.

As part of Gardenia Philippines’ expansion into the non-bread category, the company introduced Gardenia Malaysia’s Delicia chocolate spread into the local Philippine market in 2017.

 has a Ben Foods

Our distribution and warehousing activities are wholly integrated and supported by our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, multi-temperature storage, logistics and distribution facilities.

We import and distribute a wide variety of food and beverage products including meat, milk and dairy products, frozen vegetables, soups, pastries, noodles, confectionery, sauces, spreads, snack products, wines and juices.

Ben Foods’ own proprietary brands of food products have not only become familiar household names, but are exported regionally to countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Our house brands comprise the Cowhead range of quality milk and dairy products, Farmland processed food products, Farmchef (frozen potatoes and meat), Haton (seafood products), Orchard Fresh (beverages) and Spices of the Orient (sauces and seasonings).

We strive to strengthen our proprietary brands by launching new, innovative and functional food products each year.

In 2022, we launched the Cowhead range of creamy instant noodles. This range includes a variety of Asian spicy and western pasta flavours. Cowhead creamy instant noodles are being promoted to be cooked with Cowhead UHT milk as a strategy to further strengthen the brand through product synergy.

Our customers are the foodservice sector and include food manufacturers, fast-food chains and restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers, independent retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, bakeries, in-flight kitchens and ships.

Our Wine & Spirits division represents and distributes wines from various countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. plant in Johor, Malaysia called Farmland Bakery, which produces bakery p

roducts foduce more than 1.3 billion loaves, buns and snack cakes each year. In recognition of our commitment to constant product innovation and excellence, Gardenia has been awarded “Superbrands” status in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. is a leading multi-industry
food company with core businesses
in Bakery, and Distribution
and Warehousing.

We have an extensive operations and distribution network across the Asia-Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Indonesia,Vietnam, Laos and Bangladesh.We employ more than 9,000 people regionally and are listed on the Singapore Exchange.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

CapLand Ascott Trust - I think breaking down 0f 0.95 we may see her drifting down to test 0.90 than 0.87!


Wah, luckily I have locked in small cup of coffee at 0.985. 

If it cannot hold above 0.96 then most probably she may go down to test 0.90 than 0.87.

Reit sector is down so expect price ti stay weak till we hear about the next CPI data and Fed meeting in November. 

Please dyodd.

The price has fallen off from 1.12 before announcement of the PP and PO for the acquisition of the new assets to a low of 0.96 , seems rather overly done!

At 0.97, yield is looking quite gd at about 5.5% . NAV 1.13.

The PO results is out shown only in total 60+% has taken up this PO at 1.025. 

I think market doesn't seem to like the outcome  judging from the price weaken further to close at 0.96.  

At 0.96, estimating yearly dividend of about 5.3 cents, yield is about 5.5% for this hospitality reit seem not to bad!

I have taken this opportunity to nibble a bit at 0.965 today.  It is currently,  trading at the major support level,  looks rather interesting!

Please dyodd.

Wah, she has retreated from 1.02 to touch the low of 0.99 Looks rather interesting!

I think immediate support is at 0.985.

Please dyodd.

The recent Private Placement (PP) at 1.043 and 

PO 1.025, looks like current price is trading at a discounted price!

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd. 

It seems that the market doesn't in favor of this Private placement and Preferential Offering for the acquisition of new assets plus AEI.

The price has fallen off from 1.12 to touch 1.01 today.

It has fallen off 9.8% versus 1.8% dpu accretive. 

The acquisition is merely 1.8% dpu accretive. 

The current price of 1.01 is cheaper than the PO price at 1.025.

So, I think it make no sense to take up the PO offering. 

After XD on Thursday,  may be 0.99-1.00 is coming back! 

Please dyodd.

CapLand India Trust - I think good price is back! Waiting for 1.05 to nibble a bit!

 Luckily,  I have sold off at 1.19.

I am waiting for 1.05 and below to re-enter.  

At 1.05, Yield is about 7.6% estimating yearly dpu of 8.1 cents. 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd. 

 Wah, she has risen up and test 1.19 - 1.20 , one of the reit counter that is in the green territory!

I have taken this opportunity to secure the profit for the PO price offered at 1.06, swee! Plus collected dividend. 

I see major overheads resistance at 1.20-1.21!

Please dyodd.

 She is gaining strength and likely to rise up to test 1.18. A nice breakout smoothly of 1.18 may see her rising towards 1.20 - 1.24.

Please dyodd.

 One of the reit counter that is having a long and bullish green candlestick , looks like something is brewing!

I think is gd to monitor and see ifvthe price can continue to rise up further to test the recent high of 1.18.

Please dyodd.

 Results is out!

NPI is up 18% to 6.8b.

total distribution income is 44m. One SGS = 61.5 India Rupee.

Occupancy rate is 94%.

Gearing 33%.

I think the financial numbers is below my expectations of 4.1 cents dpu.

Cautious mode!

Pls dyodd.

Results will be out on 31st July morning, huat ah! 

 Estimating the fist half year dividend of 4.1 to 4.15 cents. 

Yearly dividend is about 8.2 cents, yield is about 7.06%. I think is quite a nice yield !

Please dyodd.

 Yesterday she has a nice breakout at 1.15 today accompanied with high volume and closed well at 1.18 this is rather bullish! 

Short term wise,  I think she is rising up to revisit 1.21 than 1.24.

Please dyodd.

 PO results is out! 

The new share will be deposited on your account on 18th July.

The current price of 1.14 is trading higher than the PO price of 1.06.

I think many might have taken the opportunity to lock in profit!

Please dyodd.

PO officially closed at 5.30pm on 10th July 2023.

New share will be credited and start trading on 18th July.

First half year results cum dividend will be announced on 30th July before trading commence!

I have applied by rounding the share to even lot number.

All the best to those who has applied including excess!

Today share price close at 1.12. Looks like uptrend is still intact!

Please dyodd.

 Preferential Offering of share at 1.06 per unit.

PO exercise date from 30th June to 10th July


Every 1000 share you are entitled 119 unit of share. 

If you hold 5000 share, you are eligible to apply for 547 unit at 1.06 per share. 

You may choose to apply together with excess to make it an even lot number for example 600 share or 1000 share. 

The new share will be credited to your account on 18 July 2023.

Good luck!

Please dyodd.

Chart wise,  bullish mode!

Likely to continue to trend higher!

Short term wise,  a nice breakout of 1.14 smoothly may likely see her rising up to test 1.21.

Yearly dividend of about 8.3 cents.

Yield is about 7.28%

NAV 1.08.

CapitaLand India Trust (CLINT), formerly known as Ascendas India Trust, was listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) in August 2007 as the first Indian property trust in Asia. Its principal objective is to own income-producing real estate used primarily as business space in India. CLINT may also develop and acquire land or uncompleted developments primarily to be used as business space, with the objective of holding the properties upon completion. As at 12 May 2023, CLINT’s assets under management stand at S$2.7 billion.

CLINT’s portfolio includes nine world-class IT business parks, one logistics park, one industrial facility and four data centre developments in India, with total completed floor area of 19.2 million square feet spread across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. CLINT is focused on capitalising on the fast-growing IT industry and industrial/logistics asset classes in India, as well as proactively diversifying into other new economy asset class such as data centres. 

CLINT is structured as a business trust, offering stable income distributions similar to a real estate investment trust. CLINT focuses on enhancing shareholder value by actively managing existing properties, developing vacant land in its portfolio, and acquiring new properties.

CLINT is managed by CapitaLand India Trust Management Pte. Ltd., formerly known as Ascendas Property Fund Trustee Pte. Ltd. The trustee-manager is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore-listed CapitaLand Investment Limited, a leading global real estate investment manager with a strong Asia foothold.    

IT Parks

Our business parks offer a distinct business lifestyle where convenience and comfort meet productivity. Lush greenery and modern architecture create an exciting landscape that inspires knowledge workers, while an impressive array of amenities is designed to enhance the working experience. From sports, medical and childcare facilities to restaurants and cafes, our thoughtfully curated range of services cater to all professional needs. We have also seamlessly integrated technology and sustainable practices throughout our parks, from energy-efficient buildings to smart infrastructure, minimizing our environmental impact while maximizing efficiency.

Data Centres

We are developing 4 data centres in India’s key data centre markets – Navi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. As at second quarter 2023, construction of the data centres in Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad have commenced. When fully developed, the four state-of-the-art data centres will deliver a total power capacity of 244 MW. Our data centres adopt sustainable design principles and green building standards, including features such as intelligent energy management systems, solar panels, and highly efficient cooling systems using low global warming potential refrigerant. 

Industrial/Logistics Facilities

Our industrial facility is a premier Grade A asset, fully leased to a multinational electronics manufacturer. It is situated in Mahindra World City, a renowned industrial micro-market known for its blue-chip occupants.

Our logistics asset consists of seven modern and high-quality warehouses ensuring efficient and seamless logistics operations. It is situated in Panvel, a well-established and strategic warehousing zone that provides convenient access to India's largest container port, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.

Singapore Saving Bond (SSB) - Results is out! I think All fully allotted!

 Hosey! Results is out!

I think all fully alloted!

Total amount applied - 688.5m.

Total amount within individual allotment - 676.8m.

Total amount alloted - 676.8m.


A safe and flexible way to save for the long term!

 I think is a very gd fixed interest income that is even higher than AH Kong OA interest of 2.5%.

I have applied for this Oct 2023 of which I think is

quite a gd yield for me!

Please dyodd.

 Wah, average 3.16 percent for Oct 2023 SSB, very good interest rate with little or no risk fixed income.  

Tomorrow last day to apply for Oct 2023 series. 

I have already applied hope for the Best! 

Don't miss out!

Last day to apply 26th Oct 2023.

Amount Offered - 800m.

Huat ah!

Please dyodd.

 This month average 2.99% interest for 10 years duration  is not bad! 

Application Start from 3rd July to 26th July 

I have been redeeming the old batch from 2018 and 2019 and re-apply for higher interest %. 

This is the best option/flexibility for SSB.

 Results is out for July SSB. All fully alloted!

Is under subscription for the total issurance of 600m.

 Singapore Saving Bond - one of the best option to park your cash to earn a higher interest that spread across 10 years.

This month bond offering start from 1st June 6pm onwards to 26 June 2023 9pm.

10 years average interest rate is 2.82%. Is quite good! 

SBJUL23 GX23070H in your CDP statement
Interest payment will be reflected as CDP-SBJUL23 in your bank statement
GX23070H in your SRS statement.

A safe and flexible way to save for the long term

The monthly issuance size of the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) programme is S$600 million for this month. For more details, refer to the media release.

 Interest rate is Based on the table rate reflected on the website.
At the end of each year, on a compounded basis.


Application may apply through: DBS/POSB, OCBC and UOB ATMs and Internet Banking and SRS. CPF funds are not eligible.

Invest amount : You can invest a minimum of $500, and in multiples of $500. The total amount of Savings Bonds held across all issues cannot be more than $200,000.

Interest Payment dates : Upcoming payment: 01 Jan 2024
Subsequent payments (until maturity): Every 6 months on 01 Jul and 01 Jan

Each Savings Bond has a term of 10 years and pays interest every 6 months. Savings Bonds cannot be traded like conventional bonds or shares. Interest income is exempt from tax. Only individuals above 18 years old can apply.

Savings Bonds are fully backed by the Singapore Government. And because the bonds can always be redeemed for the full amount invested, investors are protected against capital losses when interest rates change. This makes them one of the safest possible investments for individuals to hold.

Save up to 10 years, and earn interest that “steps up” or increases over time. Hold your Savings Bond for the full 10 years and receive an average interest per year that matches the return from 10-year Singapore Government Securities yields, which has generally been between 2%-3%.

Flexible : 
 Or, choose to exit your investment in any given month, with no penalties. There is no need to decide on a specific investment period at the start.

Just received my interest this month, awesome! 

Kep Infra Tr - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!

  Kep Infra Tr  - I think rights issue once announced may likely see the price getting weaker!  Quote: Straits Times  - KIT  is considering ...