Sunday, November 19, 2023

Prime USD Reit - Nice Breakout at 1.66! Pathing the way for 20.5 cents to come back! Please dyodd.

 Nice breakout at 16.6 cents!

Trading at 18.2 cents plus good volume looks like Buying interest is back! 

I think rising up tobtest 20.5 cents soon! 

Pls dyodd.

Prime USD Reit ( ) - I think the worst is over for the US reit counter as we witnessing the bullish candlesticks appearing on the chart gearing towards a reversal trend! As US CPI came in at 3.2% much better than market expectations of 3.3% looks like rate hike may pause for December and this is rather positive for reit! Do take note! 

TA wise, bullish mode!

Short term wise,  I think likely to rise up to test 16.6 cents than 18 and 20.5 cents with extension to 26 cents. 

Please dyodd.

 Chart wise, bullish mode!

I think she may rise up to test 16.6 cents .

A nice breakout of 16.6 cents plus good volume i think likely to see her rising up further to tesr 18.8 cents , 20.5 cents than 26 cents.

Pls dyodd.

 Chart wise, she has managed to bounce-off from the low of 0.087 cents and closed well with 2 bullish candlesticks at 0.113 looks rather interesting! 

As reflected on the chart, the 2 bullish candlesticks accompanied with high volume looks rather positive as this signify Fund are flowing into this counter! 

Short term wise,  I think this bullish momentum will continue and likely push the price higher towards 0.14 than 0.166 , 0.188 and 0.255. 

NAV is about 0.70.

Yearly dividend is about 4.9 USD cents.

Yield is a whopping 44% at current price of 0.113.

Please take note 3rd quarter results update on 7th November 2023.

I think golden opportunity is here!

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd.

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