Tuesday, June 13, 2023


Riverstone Resources is established in year 1989, and still growing in our industry. With a history spanning close to 30 years, Riverstone has accumulated a huge network of stakeholders and expertise in our making. Being one of the leading manufacturers of cleanroom and medical industry, we manufacture top of the line healthcare gloves, nitrile gloves, finger cots, face masks, packaging bags etc. We are where we are today for the full supports from most valued customers and dedications from our staffs. Riverstone today is synonymous with premium quality and protection.

We are driven by innovation. Our passion to deliver premium quality healthcare solutions is recognized by many companies. Our products are widely qualified, and used in the Hard Disk Drive (HDD), semiconductor and healthcare industries in Malaysia. On top of the achievements, Riverstone exports more than 85% of our products to key high technology countries around Asia, Europe and the American region.

Riverstone has been growing extensively, for the amazing recognition for our products around the world. To cope with growing demands, we have increased our capacity by setting up a new manufacturing plant in Thailand in year 2001, and another one in Wu Xi China in year 2004. Later in year 2010, we built a new plant in Taiping, equipped with only state of the art manufacturing facility to keep our promises for premium quality.

The Riverstone website comprehensively provides up to date information, and our products. Browse through our website to better understand us, as we hope to bring only the best for all healthcare professionals.

First quarter results is not bad! Slight improvement as compared to last quarter (4/2022). 

Chart Wise, she is rising up to test 61.5 cents. 

A nice breakout smoothly would likely rise up to test 64-66.5 cents.

Pls dyodd. 

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